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Dreams Rising

by Zanna Evans

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This project is a dream come true. Im 2009 I was introduced to the jazz world through the London Jazz festival which opened a new and refreshing world of rhythms grooves and harmonies.

Inspired I attended the first Jazz Academy, Autumn 2010. I was desperate to study harp, so, thanks to the Jazz Harp Foundation, I contacted Cristina Braga, professor at the Federal University, Rio, Brazil. In October 2012, I flew to Frankfurt for 48 hours to meet her after a gig and we immediately connected. I had always wanted to learn a new language and had been to Brazil before, so the pieces fell into place and I returned there in February 2013.

Through Cristina's encouragement and tuition, Dreams Rising emerged, a collection of famous bossa novas and jazz standards. Meeting Catu and Amanda was a joy and thanks to their creativity and skill we created some magic. Enjoy!